Are you called to retreat to the sacred mountains of the Himalayas?

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, we offer three exclusive yoga retreats to connect with the beauty and spirituality of the Himalayas whilst exploring the inner realms of the soul through Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy & Tibetan Buddhism.

Do you feel the calling to hike the ancient trails of the Silk route, to connect on a deeper level with yourself through meditation or feel drawn to explore the traditional Ladakhi culture and sacred monasteries? Each of our yoga retreats provide 10 days of yoga, meditation, pranayama, mantras, and Tibetan Buddhism practices in the pristine nature of the Himalayas. 

Yoga & Hiking

Step on your mat each morning for yoga and pranayama as the sun rises over the stunning Himalayan mountains. Trek the ancient trails that connect local villages and take time for self-reflection whilst you absorb the natural beauty and immerse yourself into a daily practice of mindful awareness in the Himalayas.

Yoga & Meditation

Explore the deeper paths of Yoga and philosophy of Vipassana meditation. Visit ancient Buddhist monasteries and listen to sacred Tibetan mantras while beautiful prayer flags wave over the high mountain passes. This yoga & meditation immersion retreat will provide you with the physical and mental strength to open your heart and mind and reconnect with your own true nature. 

Yoga & Culture

Enjoy the colourful combination of yoga and the Ladakhi cultural heritage. The Himalayas remote location, ancient traditions, unbroken spiritual lineages, and the kindness of the Ladakhi people combine to create a sacred and transformative experience. During this cultural immersion, you'll discover new life perspectives and feel yourself grow off your mat.

Need more inspiration then watch our extended video with testimonials from previous customers.

It’s in the people that the soul of the Himalayas comes to life. What makes a journey into the Himalayas so special is the encounters with the Ladakhi people. Spending time with these pure and cheerful mountain folks often transforms people. Their simplicity of life and generosity for whoever comes and visit them is heart touching and will create memories for life

Other Information


Our Yoga & Eco resort is a unique deluxe Yoga Resort in the heart of the Himalayas. A family owned hotel offering an authentic and first hand experience with the Ladakhi culture, nature, local community and village life. Togocheepa Eco Hotel & Himalayan Yoga Retreats firmly support environmental and social sustainability policies which focuses on energy efficiency, water and waste management, organic and local farming, social commitment, protecting the fragile ecosystem around the village and preserving tranquility and traditional culture. All of the rooms offer stunning views on the mountains and are equipped with Western style bathrooms provided by solar energy.


The Hotels offers a tasty and yogic menu based on vegetables grown in our own organic garden, added by local vegetables, cheese, barley, juices and fruits from surrounding farmers. Our healthy and artisan meals are prepared with the uttermost care and devotion. 

*Vegan, gluten- and lactose free meals can be arranged, please specify a special request with your booking


Internet is still a rarity in Ladakh and there is no wi-fi available during our Yoga Retreats. The absence of this is a beautiful opportunity to unplug from the digital world and immerse yourself fully into the retreat and explore your own inner world, silence and freedom of time.


Travelling to the Himalayas is a unique and often once in a life time experience. Many people love to extend their stay with a trekking before or after our Yoga Retreat. If you consider extending your stay in Ladakh for a trekking into the mountains or to the high altitude lakes near Tibet, feel free to connect with us. Our local partner is travel operator with over 15 years of experience in organising trekkings in Ladakh, so we can help you with planning a route and logistics.


  • First option: Flight to New Delhi Airport. From Delhi a morning flight to Leh (IXL). (1hr) If you want connecting flights Jet Airways does international flights and domestic flights to Leh. 

  • Second option: Flight to Delhi. Flight or bus to Manali. Taxi or shared minibus to Leh. Manali has no airport, closest airport is Kullu (50km). 

All of our retreats start in Leh, the capital of Ladakh. Connect with us for more info about these options or travel assistance.


An Indian visa is necessary to enter the country. Nowadays an Indian e-visa is available and the easiest option. Please check for application:

An e-visa allows you to stay 60 days in India. Make sure your international passport is valid minimum 6 months after your returning flight. 


Leh is located at 3500m above sea level and Togocheepa Eco resort at 3200m. To optimize acclimatisation it's advised to arrive at least 1-2 days (for the Yoga & hiking Retreat minimum 3-4 days)  prior to the retreat in Leh and take the first day full rest.

Day temperatures from June to August vary around 25C, mornings/evenings tend to be colder (10-15C) and can be more windy. Best to bring comfortable clothing with different layers.

We will start the retreat very gentle to let our bodies adapt to the high altitude. High altitude medicines aren't necessary but please check with your physician. Extra vaccinations aren't obliged for Ladakh, but it's always a good idea to check Tetanus and optional Tyfus. There is no malaria risk in Ladakh.

A general health questionnaire will be provided prior to the retreat.  


The Togocheepa Eco Resort and Yoga Studio is a cooperation and partnership of Veerle & Rene together with Sonam Togocheepa and his family. Since 10 years they have been working together in tourism and recently manifested their shared dream of opening a unique Eco Yoga Resort in the heart of the most sacred mountains of the world. 

Our mission is based on creating sustainable and responsible spiritual tourism, by offering the ancient and authentic practices of Yoga & Tibetan Buddhism in an authentic environment. Gathering like minded people who love exploring nature and traditional cultures while minimising your ecological footprint and respecting the local community. We are inspired by cultural exchange and immersive experiences in nature and native traditions, while supporting local empowerment and preservation of the fragile eco system of the Himalayas. Our Himalayan Yoga retreats are part of our giving philosophy as part of our profit is contributed to supporting the Nomad children and Cultural Development Center for the nomad children of Ladakh.