"I honor the wisdom of life"

Namo is the Sanskrit word for “homage”.  Namo stands for honoring all that life brings our way, trusting that whatever is, is always what is the highest for us, whether we recognize it as such or not.  To embrace whole-heartedly, even the challenges, open to the learnings and the opportunities, allow the parts that are sleeping to be awakened, the parts that are stale to be cleaned, allow my true self to be called forth.

Yoga is a practice, never the same, never done, of connecting with yourself through your breath and movement, at this right moment.  Yoga has the power to heal and sooth our bodies and mind and at the same time strengthen and train both of them so we come closer to our own seat of knowledge, re-connect with who we truly are and start to realize our fullest potential. Yoga nowadays means embodying the qualities we develop on the mat and act according them into a world where more kindness, truth, love and connection is needed.